1. In an attempt to stick to the theme of the blog, I’ve only included explicit/adult/NC-17 fics.



    Don’t Fence Me In by desfinado

    In which a pulled muscle in Frank’s leg makes for a lot of sexual frustration. The sex in this is probably the hottest I’ve ever read, jfc. Desfinado is literally MY QUEEN. *____*

    Midgets And Madmen Run This Scene by autoschediastic

    An AU in which they are assholes in prison who end up sharing a cell. Fucking love this author’s writing style. The frottage/fingering scene in this is going to stay with me for a while, holy shit.

    Sunday Best by brooklinegirl

    Early days!fic in which Gerard accidentally finds out Frank likes to wear panties under his jeans sometimes. The fucking tension and awkwardness in the sex scene is just hnngggg

    Taste You Everywhere by genee

    In which Frank finally comes home. Filthy hot domestic porn written in the most gorgeous descriptive visceral way you can imagine. genee is God of the run-on sentence.

    Cycle Of Souls by green

    Huge epic vampire!AU with some of the best world-building and supernatural deliciousness I’ve read. Gerard is turned during the time of the London plague. NOTE: It’s primarily Frank/Gerard, which is why I’ve categorized it here, but it does also include a little Brian/Gerard, and eventually Gerard/Mikey in the last part.

    Turning Point by bexless

    A shmoopy little mini-sequel to the Unholyverse Trilogy, in which the boys do some domestic things. There’s also ~feelings and some scorching hot first-time-barebacking sex.

    First Class by desfinado

    In which Frank sucks Gerard off. I guarantee you will NOT find a hotter blowjob scene anywhere. This should be required reading to even be on my blog, really.

    Hard Candy by ladyfoxxx

    An AU in which Gerard is a slightly faily stripper and Frank wanders into his booth. Frank discovering that he might not be as straight as he thought; the realization that he is indeed attracted to Gerard and the description we get borne from that is awesome and hot.

    Negative Space by jedusaur

    In which Frank and Gerard have hot tense guilty marriage boundary-skirting conversations about sex. This is pretty much the UST fic; I don’t know how jedusaur does it but it’s somehow one of the hottest things I’ve ever read that didn’t even have any sex in it at all. Trust me, just read it.

    Gerard Way, Porn Star by mistresscurvy

    An AU in which the title says it all. Cracky concept but it’s just done so well. The way she incorporated the Danger Days themes and the band’s slogans is awesome and clever and actually starts making a kind of scary sense after a while. A bit too much of top!Gerard for my liking, but still hot as hell.

    Refractory by sinden

    In which the boys fuck in front of mirrors. Another author with an awesome writing style/flow. This is one of those rare great fics that somehow manages to be hot as fuck without actually being that “explicit.”

    Heart On by desfinado

    In which the boys get together on tour and a bunch of things happen. I don’t know to describe it really other than hilarity, boooooys and HOT LIKE FUCKING BURNING. I don’t think I breathed for the whole of the epilogue, no joke.

    I’ve Got Friends In Closed Spaces by theopteryx

    Early days!fic in which the boys end up crammed in a cupboard together during a game of sardines/hide and seek. There’s something so hot about the way this is described, it’s like you’re in there with them, pressed together hot and uncomfortable in that close, confining space.

    Untitled telepathy ficlet by lordessrenegade

    In which the boys are connected by mind, and Gerard… watches? Visualizes? idk basically pervs on Frank fucking himself. I can’t even explain why this is so fucking hot, it just is.

    Every Possible Way by genee

    In which Frankie is MTF and Gerard seriously digs her. It’s attack of the gorgeous visceral run-on sentence again, and fucking hell is it hot. The way Gerard is so turned on by her and the description of the things he wants to do is just gaaah *_____*

    Proof by desfinado

    In which Frank takes photos of Gerard jerking off. UNF. I don’t know how everything she writes is so fucking spot on, seriously. QUEEN. Just read this and tell me that isn’t Gerard, okay.


    You’re So Cute When You’re Slurring Your Speech by autoschediastic

    Early days!fic where they bang a lot. God damn this is so fucking hot. OTHER QUEEN. (Or King, idk!) <33333

    The Penitence Ball by silentdescant

    The boys are teenage boyfriends. Frank goes to Catholic school and gets spanked with a ruler.

    This Heart’s On Fire by rivers_bend

    Frank gets his nipples pierced. nom nom nom

    My Body Is Your Body by dear_monday

    In which LeATHERMOUTH!Frank gets possessive and jealous and fucks Gerard against a wall. mmm

    Ten Werewolves Fighting by mistresscurvy

    The boys are werewolves. They have hot possessive mate!sex (as humans)

    Ready by anna_unfolding

    Frank ties/gags Gerard and fucks him with a big buttplug. Yep.

    When I Think About You (I Touch Myself) by mwestbelle

    NARCISSIST!GERARD FUCK YES. The boys bodyswap.

    Beholder by bexless

    The boys make a sex tape. Gerard directs, naturally.

    When You’re A Boy by greedy_dancer

    The boys are teenagers. Gerard accidentally finds Frank’s makeup stash.

    Untitled riding ficlet by foxxcub

    In which they have desperate hot frantic!sex in a storage closet.

    Twelve Months Of Fucking by mistresscurvy

    A porny little mini-sequel to Gerard Way, Porn Star. Filthy hot fucking and felching gnaaah

    Size Queen by bexless

    Genderswap! Frankie and Gee have sex with a strap-on.

    Everyone’s A Junkie by rivers_bend

    Frank ties Gerard up with a ballgag and spreader bar. Also waxplay. unf

    Crack Your Body Crack My Mind by autoschediastic

    Frank’s a demon that visits Gerard. Gerard digs it.

    All Over Me by shiningartifact

    Gerard seriously digs LeATHERMOUTH!Frank’s ghetto booty. Also TITS.

    To Cast Turpentine Kisses by theopteryx

    Long smut-filled dominant teacher!Gerard not!fic yay! Frank gets a crush on his new art teacher, Mr. Way.

    The Dazzling Lances Of Our Love by bexless

    In which Frank cries during sex. Check out the author before you run away.

    Breakdown On The L.I.E. by mrsronweasley

    The boys hitch a sneaky ride in the back of Pencey’s towed van. Stoner frottage ftw!

    It Holds A Place In Time - romanticalgirl

    The boys are teenagers. Frank busts into Gerard’s basement and gets a load of his morning wood.

    Silken by fvckofagun

    Gerard surprises Frank with stockings and smooth skin. God damn I love crossdressing, ugh

    She (Within The Measure Of A Day) by mrsronweasley

    Gerard dresses in drag for Frank’s birthday party.

    Red//White by bexless

    Gerard puts on lipstick and blows Frank. nggggh

    Close To My Skin by our very own frankhub! ♥

    Gerard rims the fuck out of Frank. Utter delicious filth.

    Only Moving By Remote Control by lordessrenegade

    Gerard makes Frank play a show with a plug in his ass.

    Lip Service by brooklinegirl

    Frank wants to fuck Gerard’s throat, but Gerard has to sing. Doesn’t stop him from going down on him a lot though! \o/

    I Think I Thought (I Saw You Try) by thatsfinewithus

    Frank’s a vampire. He pays Gerard a visit.

    Both Sides, Now by mrsronweasley

    Gee is a girl! They have sneaky public!sex under some stairs.

    And I Ain’t Seen The Sunshine In I Don’t Know When by green

    Desolation Row!AU. The boys are in jail. Exhibitionism yum

    Cocksucker by silentdescant

    Gerard watches Frank go down on a guy at a party. You know I like this one ngggh

    Fantasy Book by cimorene

    Spiked candy sends Gerard into heat. Required reading.

    Burn by jezrana

    Double penetration yay! Frank is a size queen.

    Cowboy by zocktopus & saint_sorrows

    Gerard works at a sex club. Frank wins a private session with him.

    A Blue Ribbon On My Brain by lovebashed

    Gerard has wings! Frank grooms them for him.

    Alright For Kicks by dear_monday

    Hot like fucking burning Frank-in-heat!fic. Barebacking and size kink ngggh

    Enjoy The Show by london_blitz

    Gerard fingers himself while Frank watches.

    For The Night by silentdescant

    Frank is a hooker. Gerard takes him home. Otherwise known as THAT BACKBEND FIC HNGG

    Mr. Waaaaaaay by thechadam & dear_monday

    Hot as hell teacher!fic with crossdressing and fucking on Mr. Way’s desk. 

    A Kiss With A Fist by iamdali

    AU where Frank is an illegal underground boxer and Gerard is a medic. So awesome.

    Ain’t Nobody Gonna Love You Like The Devil Do by dear_monday

    Guilty repressed Catholic schoolboy!Frank meets Gerard the sexy demon. Pure delicious blasphemy.

    Nothing Comes As Easy As You by rivers_bend

    High school-era fic! Frank finds out that Gerard can have multiple orgasms. He wouldn’t mind some tips.

    Stars And Fire by onceuponamoon

    Early days!fic. Frank kind of accidentally finds out he’s into breathplay.

    And by brooklinegirl

    Gerard really likes seeing the marks he’s left on Frank.

    Out Of My Head by ladyfoxxx

    Gerard keeps having really weird, vivid sex dreams about Frank.

    Give The Dog A Bone by autoschediastic

    Puppyplay fic. Only autoschediastic could write this and make me like it, fuck.

    Bright White Noise by akamine_chan

    Frank makes Gerard squirm by jerking him off in the bunks with the rest of the guys around. Super hot.

    Postscript by brooklinegirl

    Frank makes Gerard wait for it. Orgasm denial at its finest, ngh.

    Space Junk by autoschediastic

    Gerard is a sex alien that abducts Frank. Shit gets hot and messy.

    What I Go To School For by dear_monday

    You’ve heard of Mr. Way - but this is Mr. Iero. Gerard is his student with a crush.

    Never Want To Let You Down by akamine_chan

    Frank ties and gags Gerard up.



    Black And Blue And Red All Over by jedusaur

    Mikey gets off on being beaten up. Frank can do that for him.

    Heating Up by green

    Another roomies!fic. Frank lusts after Mikey a lot.


    Cohabitation by impertinence

    The boys share an apartment. Roomies and best buddies in ~wuv!

    Drift by cynthia_arrow

    Frank is confined to his bunk with a sore ankle, and Mikey jacks him off.

    The Only Thing Suicidal Here Is The Door by mahoni

    Frank does not hump Gerard’s baby brother on stage. Much to the disappointment of said baby brother.

    Quiet by impertinence

    The boys fuck backstage. Barely.

    Make Me by thelemic

    Mikey is very much a verbal kind of dom.

    Sometimes Jokes Just Have To Be Made by ladyrogueevie

    Mikey whisks Frank away from his birthday party for some sexy time.

    Plan B From Planet Clueless by turps33

    Yet another roomies!fic. The boys have shhh quiet they’ll hear us sex in the bathroom while the others are in the living room.

    Boyshapedlovedrug by green

    Mikey pines after Frank. And then there is sex.



    Before And After by desfinado

    REQUIRED READING. Seriously, this is the Waycest fic; if you like this pairing and haven’t read it then I’m sorry but your life is empty and meaningless. uggggh my Queen *_____*

    Ready For You by alpheratz

    In which the boys have this thing where they alternatively get sex!pollened. Idek but it’s so fucking hot omg

    Tangled Up In Our Embrace by cheshireempress

    The one where they don’t have sex in the shower. This one is so good and there isn’t even any sex jesus christ

    And We’re Glowing Like The Metal On The Edge Of A Knife by green

    Set in some faux Regency period. The boys go out with Gerard in drag. God damn this one is hot.

    Untitled early!days ficlet by bubbleforest

    Hot as fuck little ficlet about how it all started.

    Wired by green

    Gerard is hyped and antsy. The natural solution is to ride Mikey.


    Dem Dry Bones by desfinado

    Teenager!fic. Gerard “helps” Mikey study the human skeleton.

    My Pulse Has Been Rising by thelemic

    Dirty talk in church. Yep.

    Well Then Just Give Me A Taste by thelemic

    Incestual gay chicken ftw!

    Untitled genderswap fic by lacquerdreams

    Way sisters yay! Gee helps Mikey get off.

    Metaphors For Impossible Things by schneestern

    Gerard is a priest. Mikey visits his confessional. Angsty.

    Do Not Go Gentle by romanticalgirl

    Killjoys!fic. Rimming and Mikey’s motorbike.

    Growing Pains by mwestbelle

    Teenager!fic. Mikey grows wings. Gerard digs it.

    Cinderella, She Seems So Easy by kat_lair

    More teenager!fic. Mikey dresses in girl clothes to get Gerard’s attention. The sex scene in this is just hnngg

    Don’t Freak Out by mybestexcuse

    Mikey visits Gerard at art school. Dressed in drag.

    Legs To The Wall by inlovewithnight

    Roleplay fic. The boys pretend they don’t know each other.

    Undertow by romanticalgirl

    Shit happens on the set of Na Na Na.

    Can’t Touch My Brother by alpheratz

    Mikey can only feel his brother’s touch. Hot and angsty.

    Good For More Than Keeping Desert Dirt Out Of Your Face by green

    Killjoys!fic. Gerard fucks Mikey out in the open.

    Don’t Need No Rising Moon by sena

    Genderswap and angst. Girl!Gee ties Mikey up.



    Signal Flare by 3jane & dexwebster

    Frank blows Bob, with awesome hot D/s undertones. Required reading.

    Bind by kat_lair

    Super hot D/s ficlet with GSF undertones. Bob’s got Frank all tied up.

    Irresistible Force/Immovable Object by 7iris

    Frank’s in heat, but Bob is stubborn. Cue phone sex and dirty talk! Background Frank/Jamia.


    Yield The Floor by lordessrenegade

    Post-show bondage and rimming.

    Throwing The Fight by ficbyzee

    Bob gets pissed off and protective after a crazy guy gets on stage.

    Maybe A Balm Or A Touch by allyndra

    Bob’s injured wrists mean no jerking off. Frank helps him out with that.

    Ours Is A Criminal And Uncouth Love by stratospherique, strangecreature & apiphile

    Epic sex-filled prison AU where Bob is a prison guard and Frank’s the new inmate.

    Rush by northern

    Another hot as hell D/s blowjob with face slapping/fucking.

    Given The Circumstance by sinden

    Frank’s trying to read but Bob distracts him. With his tongue.

    Coming To You by ficsoreal

    Bob fucks Frank against a wall. Yay deep-dicking!



    Framed To Bend by mwestbelle

    Brian talks Bob into “pet-sitting” Gerard. REQUIRED READING on account of it being hot like fucking burning nghhh


    In The TV Light by dsudis

    The boys gradually fall for each other over companionable late-night TV.

    Promised You’d Lay Flowers On My Grave by mwestbelle

    Sequel/kinda prequel to Framed To Bend. Includes bonus Gerard/Brian too.

    Backtop Easy by mahoni

    The boys go out for a test drive. Yay car sex! Also background Gerard/Lyn-Z.

    Let The Freedom Begin by coreopsis

    Bob takes a drag-clad Gerard out to a club.



    Workplace Appropriate Attire by jjtaylor

    Killjoys!fic. Gerard is called to Korse’s office. Super hot and just a little bit creepy in the best way ever.

    The Kids From Yesterday by tuesdaysgone

    EPIC Killjoys!AU. Gerard works for BL/ind, Korse is his boss. Be sure to check out the sequels too (which are also Frank/Gerard!)


    I’ll Repair For You (When The Roof Starts To Fall) by fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone

    AU. Gerard inherits a house in Scotland and gets Grant as a neighbor.

    Or Maybe Kill Ourselves But Live Again by myaurasmiles

    Another Killjoys!fic. Korse and Gerard keep killing each other. Kinda dubcon.



    Untitled crossdressing ficlet by sinsense

    Brian fucks a drag-clad Gerard over the bathroom sink.


    Pretty, Reckless by brooklinegirl

    Another crossdressing fic. Brian does Gerard against the wall with his skirt still on. Mmhm.

    Let You In by allyndra

    Fisting fic ahoy! Gerard takes it, ofc.



    The Good Life by sinsense

    WHERE ASSHOLE!FRANK WAS BORN. Gritty, dirty and painfully realistic - this fic is so fucking awesome, I can’t even deal. Read it right now.


    Negotiations by oliviacirce

    Phone sex! Also bonus background Gerard/Brian/Frank, which is developed more in the sequel.


    (FYI: I’ve placed a * next to the ones that include Gerard/Mikey or mentions of it)


    The One Where Frank Gets Gangbanged by modillian

    REQUIRED READING. Oh my god this one is fucking amazing and scorching hot and hilarious. Frank is such an adorable little shit gaaaaaah

    Untitled cockslut!Gerard ficlet by anonymous

    Gerard is a needy slut for his band. Just the way I like him omnom

    I’m With You (And You, And You, And You) by dear_monday

    Frank is a big ole’ sub for his band. Includes D/s, spanking and facials. ngggh


    Black Tie And Straightjacket by anne_elliot

    Bob, Ray, Frank and Gerard surprise Brian after the VMAs. There needs to be more GSF that includes Mr. Schetcher! 

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang by 7iris

    Gerard gets sexpollen’d. His band help him deal with it.

    Like I Had To Squint My Eyes by crystic

    Mikey wakes up as a girl. Naturally, GSF follows. Also with bonus Mikey/Pete!

    Tied To The Tightrope Walker by valmontheights

    Bob blows the guys in that van on the set of the Desolation Row shoot.

    * The Things You Say by ladyfoxxx

    Mostly Frank/Gerard but with GSF undertones. Dom!Frank makes Gerard jerk off in a public bathroom over the phone.

    * Blaming Frank by dapatty & s0ckpupp3t

    GSF porny epic with every pairing combination you can imagine. Be sure to check out the sequel as well!

    Untitled voyeurism ficlet by sociofemme

    In which Bob keeps getting woken up by sex noises on the bus.

    There’s No “I” In Gangbang by pearl_o

    In which the GSF forms gradually, right from the early days.

    Big Lust by jedusaur

    Pedicone fic! In which he becomes a kind of versatile dom for Gerard, Frank and Mikey.



    Sceneverse by fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone

    Epic porn-filled eight-part series. (Link goes to part one.) Grant and Frank work in a sex shop. Gerard is a photographer that they befriend, and eventually they all end up together. This is stuffed so full of kinks you won’t know where to turn next.


    You Only Live Forever In The Lights You Make by fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone

    Another huge series about Frank and Gerard slowly getting together with Grant. Also full of awesome porn.

    Meltdown by fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone

    Frank and Grant make Gerard wear a plug out to a signing.

    Heights Don’t Phase Me by fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone

    The boys fuck after the 98.7 Penthouse rooftop acoustic performance.

    The Big Picture by fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone

    Frankie is a girl, and a photographer. She meets Gerard and Grant on a photoshoot.



    In My Blood Like Holy Wine by sena

    Angsty-kinky-awesome. The Ways misread each other, Gerard is a huge perv, and Frank digs it all. Hot as fuck.

    Sit Tight by desfinado

    omg this fic. THIS FIC. It’s so hot and sprawling and visceral and I don’t even know WHY it’s so hot but it just IS, okay. Basically, Mikey holds Gerard still so Frank can come on his face. Except it’s like, really really better than that. Fucking desfinado. *____* idk JUST GO READ IT. ngh.


    One For The Road by mwestbelle

    The Way brothers have a voyeuristic system worked out. Frank fucks it up.

    If You Want It by silentdescant

    Mikey lets Frank watch him fuck Gerard.

    Backseat by desfinado

    The boys wander around Jersey. Atmospheric and hot.

    If I Fell Out Of What I Fell In by cheshireempress

    Set in the same universe as Tangled Up In Our Embrace. Frank gets drawn in to the Ways’ relationship.

    The Kings Of Glamor by desfinado

    The boys go to a show and shit ends up going down in the bathroom.



    Always Alone by redsnake05

    Voyeurism!fic. Bob listens to Frank and Gerard fucking in the bunks.


    With A Little Help From by ficbyzee

    Frank is in heat, so Gerard and Bob blindfold and blow him.

    I Constantly Thank God For Bob Bryar by clumsygyrl

    Bob has magic sex appeal and Frank wants to know his secret.

    Exceptional by lovelypoet & clumsygyrl

    Two-parter with the first part being only Frank/Gerard (so if the threesome isn’t to your liking you should definitely still read that, because fuuuuck.) Frank gains an impressive collection of dildos and Gerard can’t stop thinking about it.